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Recharging YOU

We all know that feeling of exhaustion - or feeling that you are reaching breaking point if you don’t get some much needed downtime. Is your battery getting low? Do you know when it’s time to recharge? It’s important to recognise the signs.

What drains you? Have you taken time to figure this out? We all live in a fast moving world, it’s easy to quickly get tired and worn down. Sometimes it can be caused by a massive workload, too much socialising and unexpected visitors, having a lot of responsibility in the home.

Our working-life, home-life and the expectations we have on ourselves in this ultra-fast modern world to fit it ‘all’ into our day, can literally suck the energy from our bones.

How often do you hear; ‘there just isn’t enough hours in the day’? As we cram more in, our life-battery can start to become flat.

Whatever your low-battery is caused by it’s important to learn the signs that things are becoming ‘too much’- and schedule some recharge time before it’s too late and a complete system shutdown is unavoidable.

When our mobile phone is signalling that it’s running out of fuel, we do not hesitate to recharge it – there’s always that panic when we see our phone battery hit the red and run down to 5%. So the question is; why do we all allow our body-battery to get so low?

Tips to recharge and download;

· Turn that phone off or put it on silent

· Listen to your favourite music

· Take a walk at your favourite park or woodlands

· Read a book

· Mediate

· Take some quiet time

· Pencil some time in for YOU – make this a priority

· Do some exercise

· Have an early night

· Take a warm bath

· Paint/draw/dance/jog/swim – do something that makes you happy and feel alive

It's also important to limit stimulants such as coffee and alcohol. Be sure to drink plenty of water and try to stick to a fresh whole food plan. Have a good night’s sleep - ideally around 7-8 hours. Exercise daily – just 20 mins can be effective in lowering stress levels and stimulating the blood and lymph flow around the body.

It's important to be focussed at work or on a project - but once you have finished with it – let your mind rest. Your mind is a tool – tools aren’t used all the time – just when needed for a task. So remember to put your tools down, recharge your batteries and listen to what your body needs.

Happy Recharging!

Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

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