Womens Wellness, Yoga and Empowerment Retreat 2020

27th-29th November 2020

Alpine Lodge, Lake Rotoiti


Who am I when I’m not with you?


Presented by

Fliss Austin


Charlotte Patterson

Yoga Instructor

It’s easy to get totally consumed with our jobs, family and friends and to lose touch with our true identity. Come and join us for an amazing weekend of inspiration.  Experience yoga, motivational talks inviting you to re-discover yourself and nurture your whole being,


 Learn about plant based nutrition, mindfulness, yoga, how to cultivate a sense of self in a nurturing and supportive environment.

Explore the beauty of Lake Rotoiti.  Cleanse body, mind and soul.  Leave with new skills to help you keep your sense of self in a busy world. 


15 places available. 

2pm Friday 27th November - 1 pm Sunday 29th November







We look forward to guiding you through a totally empowering and grounding experience. Relax and be nurtured. Over these 2 days we have thoughtfully balanced a blend of physical , mental and emotional practices to help you rediscover yourself and create healthy changes in your life.


All food is nutrient dense, plant based and gluten free, we serve caffeine free herbal infusions. You’ll be encouraged to put away your devices as much as possible and allow for a digital detox too.


With our retreat sanctuary located at Lake Rotoiti, nestled amongst the impressive St Arnaud Range, we invite you to reconnect with nature.  It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in natural beauty and relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.


The retreat includes 2 nights accommodation at the beautiful Alpine lodge (see different room packages), use of spa pool (30min time slots to allow everyone to enjoy), all plant based meals, morning and afternoon snacks, yoga classes and meditations, talks, food prep demo, a body or facial treatment, a goodie bag, 30 day motivational and supportive Facebook group.


Standard double - share, ground floor (1 queen bed and 1 single, pond and native bush view) and above retreat package (share with a friend or we can buddy you up). 

Superior double - own room,  ground floor (1 queen bed, pond and native bush view) and above retreat package.

Studio double  - own room, first floor (spa bath, lounge downstairs, bedroom upstairs, stunning views) and above retreat package.

Apartment  - share, ground floor (2 bedroom apartment, kitchen lounge, twin and queen bedroom) and above retreat package.

Retreat schedule.


We haven't included a sharing circle as this is your own personal journey.


  • Arrival from 1pm

  • 2pm Welcome, retreat information

  • Circle/intentions

  •  2.45pm Empowerment talk on sense of self

  • 3.30pm Settle in, free time

  • 6.30pm tea

  • 8pm Restorative yoga

  • Sleep time


  • 7.30am Engergising and detoxifying yoga

  • 9am Sit down for a tasty homemade breakfast

  • 10am Chat about importance of detoxifying the body and simple rituals 

  • 11.15am Morning tea and Fliss chats about importance of healthy nutrition

  • 11.45am Breakfast prep demo

  • 12.30pm Lunch

  • 1.15pm Free time, read, sleep, relax, journal, sit in the spa, explore the stunning bush and lake, enjoy a body treatment, watch an inspirational movie in the lounge.

  • 5.15pm Yin yoga

  • 6.30pm Tea

  • 7.30 Rest, relax, have a spa.

  • 9.15pm pre bed prep meditation (optional)

  • Sleep time

  • Sunday

  • 8am Kundalini yoga

  • 9.15am breakfast

  • 10am Empowerment talk, overview.

  • 11am timeout to reflect, closing circle.

  • 1pm lunch 

  • Finish

About Fliss and Charlotte




I first started practicing yoga about 15 years ago and have been teaching for 9 years.  During this time my love and passion for yoga has continued to grow and it feels such a joy and a privilege to be able to share this practice with my students.  Through the ups and downs of life yoga has always been there for me – providing a sanctuary, space for reflection, improving my self-awareness, filling me with vitality and keeping my body strong and mobile (I’m sure it is what keeps me moving after years of battering my body in sports)!


My style of teaching is generally Vinyasa Flow which is a fluid and dynamic style of yoga cultivating strength and mobility.  I’m also interested in Yin and Restorative yoga having completed trainings in both – in these styles the poses are generally held for much longer and are seated or reclined using props to support the body allowing greater opening and release. I’m currently completing a training with a focus on Kundalini yoga which works on the subtle energies of the body helping to raise our energetic vibration.  This is a true passion of mine and something I personally practice and have found to be truly transformative.


Yoga is not just a physical practice – it encompasses philosophy, breathwork, meditation – all of this I try to weave into my classes and it is my intention to keep on growing my knowledge of understanding of this beautiful practice so that I can share it with others.  My hope is that it enhances their lives like it has done mine.




I have a private Naturopathic practice in Marlborough. My special areas of interest are gut, skin, hormonal, thyroid, adrenal and mental health.  I get great satisfaction in coaching others to make healthy lifestyle changes in all areas of their lives.  Over the last few years, I have delved into the mental/emotional link to physical dis-ease, and how identifying and working on the triggers can bring the body, mind and soul back into equilibrium.


Growing up I always felt that I didn’t fit in, I was labelled too shy, too thin, not out going enough.  I was that child that was left until last to be picked for a sports team (maybe my continuous ability to hit someone with my hurtling T-ball bat after a hit wasn’t a selling point).  From a very young age my self esteem was shot and over time my sense of self lost as I tried to create an identity that was “likeable and acceptable”.  After seeing many clients in my clinic who have also lost their sense of self purpose through low self-esteem, being absorbed in a relationship, work, life etc I felt driven to coach them to look within and re-discover who they are.  Creating space for you and nurturing yourself is one of the best gifts you can receive.  This has been the driver behind this workshop -to help you re-connect with you, address that negative self-talk, separate who you are from who they are, what you want from what they want and simply have time to relax.


The techniques I use have enabled me to re-connect with my true essence, to live my life as myself and to be proud of being me.  This has been the biggest breakthrough in my life and has enabled me to address areas of my life with a firm grounding that honours me.  

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