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Dermo Nutrition

We all want dewy, radiant glowing skin, right? We want to look youthful and vibrant - but is what we are feeding our bodies conducive to vibrant skin? Our skin is our largest organ and is often a reflection of what’s going on internally.

So, what is dermo nutrition? It’s about ensuring you are ingesting the correct nutrients that nourish and maintain your skin from within.

The foods we eat impact on our skin health -the skin is the last place to receive the nutrients we eat. If we aren’t getting the nutrients our body requires - the skin, hair , nails and eyes will be the first to show signs of malnutrition – and it won’t matter what we put on our skin to try to address it -we won’t be able to treat the condition until we first address the deficiency.

To produce quality collagen and elastin our skin requires a heap of vitamins and minerals. A deficiency in just one of these elements can compromise our skins integrity at a cellular level.

We have 6 vital nutrients for skin

*Water – the health of our skin is reliant on the cells of our skin being hydrated.

*Essential fatty acids -these help protect the skin from the environment.

*B complex vitamins – these must be present for our bodies to utilise EFA’s

*Vitamin A – aids in growth, maintenance and repair of the skin tissue.

*Zinc – supports health of collagen tissue and elasticity of the skin.

*Vitamin C – protects the cells form free radical damage.

The above nutrients have many benefits – I have listed some and encourage you to research the importance of them. If you want to achieve that youthful complexion look at your plate.

Feed your skin!!

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